Enough is enough. Time to start a blog. Finally.

On being a performer, I used to say that I refuse to take the stage until I have something to say.  A point of view that needs to be expressed.

I don’t know when it happened – and it wasn’t overnight – but I now realize I have plenty to say about the world around me.

Rather than sharing each and every feeling in a long Facebook post, I’ve decided to open it up a bit and to start putting my thoughts out there.  Expect much more from me in the future — and in the past as well!  That’s right, I’m already thinking of going over my past Facebook musings and creating back-dated blog entries from those.  (If such a thing is possible.)

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned!

P.S.  While I might make up some of my own grammatical rules and exceptions — I do not and will not back down in defense of the Oxford comma.  It simply is not optional.